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When the company "Never stop playing" was successful they split up to create more military robots. While the other wanted to entertain guests. This company started Project D in order to create a destructive, military robot. They even had an animatronic shipped over from the other company that was deemed too dangerous. That is when everything went horribly wrong. Dino-Drone: Rusted, unused, and old. This Animatronic was their ultimate military weapon, but due to the lack of care. This animatronic has lost most of its primary abilities. Pinkless the Doll: After the one night they had it, it disappeared into the base. They could here breathing coming from the roof of the building, but they discarded this information

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The company "Never stop playing!" has received a new task due to their recent success in the "Toy" market. Larger Description: Need Help? Check out this Gameplay!: Bubblegum Boy: Bubblegum was are first animatronic released under are new title. He is packing large guns and ammunition and doesn't take kindly to any new faces. Chimpinator: This is are redesigned animatronic from the old location. He is very loud, so he isn't too hard to find. Pinky the Assassin: Pinky doesn't have the head piece of her costume ready for her, and also she is very camera shy. ChiKen 2.0: This one is packed with revolving chain guns and a giant saw! He doesn't have a costume ready for him. The Malfunction: We don't know what went wrong, but this one doesn't seem to like us! She can't see, but can hear you breathing! We keep her in a loud room during the day

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in five nights at children playpen 3 this is robow dino

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Chimpy (Wanderer): Buy now for $5.99, this lovable toy mashes his cymbals together to play music! He can be heard very easily, but is constantly on the move! Stuffed Dino (Runner): A stuffed Dinosaur with real Dino Action! He is quite fast, but isn't silent when walking! He is very Camera shy so he won't move when he is being viewed! ChiKen (Dis-abler): A Robot ChiKen is the most must have item available on the market! This toy can turn off Cameras wherever he goes! Pinky the Doll (Assassin): Off sale due to the toy causing the lack of the ability to breathe and death

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the monkey at your door

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